Hi! I’m Nicole Hendley.
Your friendly Fort Worth photographer.

Growing up, if I had been given a single athletic bone in my body, I think I would have enjoyed being a cheer leader. As it stood, I never mastered the cartwheel (or walking up stairs without falling), so I never had a chance. HOWEVER, in my adult life I’ve enjoyed finding avenues in which I can root for people, make them feel like their best selves, and cheer them on in their journey. Photography struck my interest years ago when I realized it combines creativity, spontaneity, skill, and the opportunity to connect with people in a special way.

Things I promise: I will do my very best to give you the most enjoyable, comfortable photo experience possible. I will talk your ear off about my love for Mexican food and for my dog, Plato. I will take seriously the trust you have given me in taking your photos and will give you a quality product.

Can’t wait to meet you and make some photo magic!